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what has become of

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It's been taken over by hackers. It happens semi-regularly, probably cos the CDS admins don't keep the phpBB installation up to date. Or maybe because phpBB is extra vulnerable. Anyway, they'll get it sorted out soon enough and it'll be back. In the meantime, do NOT click on any of the links on that site.
do you get hacked or does it send you to random sites?
thought as much, the ol' phpBB....
It's still hacked . How long does it take to fix something like that ?
DNS registry company has dropped rego.
Braden is on to it, and has logged work-order.
The domain appears to have been hijacked, it usually happens if you don't renew in time, often people miss their renewal notice because they changed email or whatever. Hopefully it can be sorted out but often it can't on dot com (no .au) names.
Back online
DNS registry finally matched the payment to the domain!

DNS registry off the air again.


Tuesday night at Knox

Wednesday night at Box Hill

next Sunday - slalom course prep for Melbourne (conehead) Cup.

Charlie still off air.

Braden is working on a new hosting service.

looks like everyone is talking again and CDS should be up by the weekend!


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