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BBQ, river and slack lining sounds too good. I'm in if this is going down. Plus, ill give free food to any grommet that slack lines over the BBQ... has to be bare foot. 

Lachlan Cashman said: james maybe these spots, do an all day sesh, five different hills all in walking distance, bbqs, river, slackline, good times.

Also im going to go shred omaley or something later today, if youv got my number call me.

I'm in


That would be a pretty cool return surprise...

Plus if we go there me and owen can reveal the location of the newest gnarpath, super close, closed road, good pave, deadly double switchback into nothingness. 

man im frothing for this trip.. My predrifts are looking pretty nice to.. Gnar path here we come? 

Aight, lets do this. I'm still mad keen to hit weeJ and disco as soon as I can though!

sick one, 24th? i have school, can always wag!

Yeah well im not fussed when we do what, both will be sick, but im keen for snagsbeersandfinlandchats with J-RANN

These trips will be sick! Hoping for nice weather too, not the shitty cold sleety weather I seem to bring every time I go to Wee J

Doesn't have to be the 24th Hen, just when ever is good for everyone! Maybe do casual BBQ shit first have some catch ups then shred some later? The weather should be nicer by the time I'm back too.

how long you in town for bru?

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