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Can skateboards be taken as carry on luggage for international flights?

Hey im going to melbourne next year and was wondering if i can bring my trick deck on the plane with me, so i was just wondering if thats allowed?

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Read this

If it is a long-board it is easier to check it in as sporting equipment.

Airlines don't like the grip-tape so cover that.

Airport security don't like skate-tools either.

Check the size restrictions on international and domestic airlines cabin baggage.

If it is oversize they won't let it in the cabin, so it is far better to pack it in a bag, and check it in when you book in, than risk having it taken off you at the departure gate.  At check in it will get a bar-code sticker and be linked to your ticket, and less likely to be lost, at the departure gate it is unlikely to get the bar-code.

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