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Hey all, anyone know of a site where I can camp on Mt panorama. Getting up there is a 7 hour trip so i'll head up a day before and camp it out.

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There is a campsite for spectators and competitors at Mcphillamy Park, right near the start line at the top of the mountain. Many (most?) of the competitors will be camping there.

Camping there costs $25 per person for the whole period between Thursday morning and Monday morning. You'll need a wristband to access the campsite from Thursday afternoon onwards - they can be purchased on Thursday 12-5pm at the Skillset building on Havannah St, near the entrance to the track at the bottom of the mountain. That's where all the riders will be checking in and having their equipment inspected.

i'm only competing in the slalom on mountain straight, do i still need my gear inspected?

Nope! Slalomers don't need to have gear inspected, or attend rider-check-in.

Cool!, thanks for the info and I'll see you there!

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