ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Our mighty Southside crew has a population of three*, weather permitting. (If it rains i stay home). Our conversations have become stale and our stalefish even stale... er.


We have a local skate shop that stocks o'tangs. Now, unless there are a bunch of kids getting wheel bite on z flex's all over the place, i've always figured that there were more fans of the long skate out there... 


Anyway, time for a short story...

Towards the end of last year James and myself were slashing a local hill when a bunch of grommets with boards, lids and gloves rocked up. - Kids had some skills. James and myself were stoked with the session and decided to get some shorter shorts, better tans and do it all again another day.


Now heres the thing, during the session i mentioned ASRA, SCBS and how good i am at 180's atleast 30 times and it seemed they were across it, i'm sure a couple of em' were even ASRA members.


I like stories. Righto then, here's the pointy bit: Sutherland Shire longboarders - show yourselves fools... i want to see numbers before i go ahead and create an awesome group for all three* of us.



*Southside crew population is actually two. Fitz has been added just incase he participates in the near future... but mostly to bump the numbers up a bit.


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Nah, Grommets are tripping. Nobodys rolling in from the top in tuck and taking that corner without some sort of braking. Hill is steep.

When i first checked it out a while ago i was pushing into it and throwing a big, sketchy toe side to negotiate the corner at the bottom. - Even held a lazy tuck for a bit before the slide on a couple of runs... hauling like a mother bitch!

Novelty wears off quick though. Plenty off steep hills like that around the place. - There's a great 'S' bend up the hill from there that tests you out alot more than Boomerang.


were not tripping. i will try and upload a video.

Ok, i'm down with it. On another note, i've organised a group. Lets take this discussion over there...
Yer cool im in, Got a coupla factory complexes we hit on sunday avos a coupla times a month...theres a few more local longboarders lurking in the shaddows, being old farts we dont get the chance to get out much though.

Alex said:

Every mighty crew needs a Colin Olive. He's in.


One more and the car is full. Hectic times down here...

sweet jam we got in tonight it was so good i will keep practicing what you taught me alex :)
i live in Lilli Pilli and skate the streets ...some good stuff here.

BJ said:
Any of you guys skated Boomerang Ave Lilli Pilli?
We use to ride our Billy carts down that road and skate the grass.
Has a right hand turn at the bottom. Maybe you could slide it to survive. LOL.
Cronulla public school is still not bad to skate, go there with my son on his scooter, i skated it during the mid 70s on my Bahne super flex and, Golden Breed (still got the later!) i take my old boards down there just to remind me of the old days  lol

James said:
Absolute rubbish Bugs, your just jealous that you cant come over our side of the bridge anymore  :p
I live in menai, but that's only the shire to the outsiders! Be keen for a roll though.

i live in wooloware.

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