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If anyone has some good downhill/bombing spots is sydney could they share them cos sweep is being closed off to skaters and I really need some new spots, thanks

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The whole of sydney is filled with downhill spots... Find one for yourself or ask to skate with a local crew thatl take you to their runs.

Make sure its within your ability and traffic doesnt pose too big of a risk. Or you dont pose too big of a risk to traffic.

well said alex.


is it actually getting banned to skate there

alright try Bathurst street bondi junction, it goes downhill and is preety sweet

Hey dude, I recently found a mountain network while sliding round Newtown, if you hop off at St Peters train station, and just head straight across the main road and follow a bike path, it will lead you to a labarinth of a slight uphill climb, once you get to the top you will be in awe of the area's open and the downhill brilliance of this, as only longboarding for about 1-2 months I was scared as to go down but the walk ways have grass either side to stop, if you're ever in around that area it is well worth a check out, and me and some mates also skate round there Sunday's as part of our Sunny Sunday Sessions we have aha :) Also there is low pedestrian traffic on these walkways, ground is amazing and smooth, and the views are sublime. Hope I helped dude :) have a good one.

Also if your keen on alil travel local spots where I live, around Emu Plains/ Emu Heights is well worth a journey, google Mitchells Pass, there is a walkway with no people and good for begining for those nice runs, and also Mitchells Pass road if you are getting better, Hopefully one day a Comp will be held their, its fantastic.

eastwood darvall road madd downhill no traffic eastwood area ia full of hills

why would you even want to go to sweep? its shit! and dude find it your self

I like the sweep. Essentially a mediocre run but good for practising on with no cars if early enough. Sticking the lane through the corner is decent toeside railing practice. It's also not too long, so it's easy enough to get back to the top.

jarred grobler said:

why would you even want to go to sweep? its shit! and dude find it your self

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