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So my cousin called me up this morning and excitedly informed me that there was a half page photo of her 12 year old son and his mates skating  on page 3 of the newspaper. I raced across the road to "borrow" the paper from my neighbor and was pleasantly surprised to see a well written and informative article with quotes from ASRA's own Dave Robertson  featuring heavily throughout.

It was also nice to see that the three young boarders were portrayed as the respectful law abiding citizens that they are, rather than young hooligans.

It's awesome to see that the media is informing the general public of our rights, and also making motorists aware that the roads are not just for them.

Well done to Pauline Priest for such a great article, and well done Ty, Bailey, and Jayden. Solid tucks boys.

Anyone who wants to read the article can find it here

An important part of the article was left off the digital edition so I will re-type it here

Longboard Location Review

Gosford City Council co-ordinator active open space Karen Tucker said the council did not at present have any defined areas suitable for longboard riding.

"as the sport of skateboarding is ever changing, council is currently reviewing it's skate strategy to look at new trends within the sport and to look at council's ability to cater for these new trends," she said.

"council will be working with local youth and the community to look at the existing facilities and future provision of facilities."

She said further informationwould be provided to the community about feedback and consultation on reviewing the strategy in the near future.

Many of the longboard riders believe they should be treated the same as cyclists on the roads.

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Just added some very encouraging news that was left off the online edition. It basically states that the council recognizes that skateboarding is changing and it is looking to provide facilities to accommodate this change.

Cool stuff man, why are there faces blurred in the photo? They are on a legal road but they look like hardened criminals!

Positive vibes though, good stuff.

Unfortunately you can't put kids in media photos these days.

Just tried to cut across the divide of what 99% of longboarders are actually doing, occasionally the message gets through.

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