ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

It seems it has been raised this site is in a COMA!! how about all of us who do ride get more proactive and just organise some free rides meet n ride days plus events and legal and get ot work e-mailing each other NOT FB to get back some core control of the love of our chosen past time. I mean most of us have responsibilities in life like family work etc.. but it takes enough of us dedicated to getting even simple events like a free ride going to re boot this site. .plus we don't need to name drop spots but also not be to secretive about it. But some spots need to be respected for this who may live there and nicknames for places help to a degree. nut in saying this I am having a free ride fun ride at Kincumber Ditch if you are there great but its a chance to just ride a fun spot an have a skate with fellow people who love nothing more than simply ride. If stick for directions pm. me voa ASRA page. plus anytime tiem anyone just wants to have a skate pm me ASRA PAGE!! like to see us do something about our lack of organisation on this site. I love to skate now I have come out and had a gut full of the crash of our community. lets just remember why we so this I DO!!! I love it.

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for the rush and love really old footy

that's all I needed to know.

Got no problems doing what needs to be done.

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