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Anyone keen for a skate in either warrawee or tuzz these holz?


Alright so anyone who's keen for a skate round tuzz and warrawee i know a few great hills that in combination make for a good day. We might also head up to waitara during the day if we feel like it.

So if you're interested post what day would be good for you and we'll work something out. 

Hills i reckon would be good:

-challis ave


-cherry street

and a few others i dont know the names of :/

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ye ok

Ah sorry this is late m8, umm me and a few mates are heading over to the hopkin skate slide sesh tomoz so consider going to that. I'll be away until next thursday so a sesh is looking good from Friday to sunday next week, I'll keep in touch. 


I haven't hit Kisso hill in over a year. That sucker's short but always good for hard-tucking mayhem.

Might be spending some time in the Secessionist Republic of South Tuzza over the hols and looking to shred.

Good sniff mate, just post when you're keen for a sk8 and ill organise something. Be advised next week from friday to sunday, there'll probably be a sesh then. 

Okay so i reckon a sesh this friday will be going ahead. Meet at Tuzz station at 10 and we'll spend 2 hours in Tuzz/Warrawee before moving off to some sick areas in Roseville for the rest of the day.

Should be a sick day, bring your mates as well, all are welcome.  

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