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Any steps to improve longboarding for beginners?

Hey guys,


I just picked up longboarding less than a week ago. Bought a Comet FSM on ebay. Going kinda well gotten used to standing and balancing on the board, and also moving around on the board. Just recently i went down a gentle slope and i guess i went too fast and fell down kinda scrapped myself abit.


I would like to ask all the longboarders out there, what are the steps u guys take to learn longboarding. Like e.g. first is learning how to balance, 2nd learn how to move around with the board. I mean when do we know we are prepared to go for the next step and what are the steps involved so we can learn stuff like sliding carving and stuff??

Would appreciate help and advice from you guys! btw i stay around Caulfield North so hopefully anyone around my area does longboarding here!



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If you want to improve more, hop into sliding straight away dude.

But mix your skating sesh up with learning to stop. and carve and trying to slide

@aaron yea good point thats what i think too. to get a sliding gloves straight. is using your shoe to apply pressure on the back of the wheels a good braking technique? 

No it isn't, put it straight onto the ground, eventually this will wear away your shoe, but your learning so it will take longer.

but i cant even balance properly! i mean u just stick your leg out?

Take your foot off the board and firmly place onto the ground while moving. THe friction will cause you to slow down

guess i need to learn how to balance with 1 feet first. cheers mate!

learn to carve (turn left and right) to steer and shave off speed
learn to footbrake to shave of speed

when fine with carving learn to slide

im still learning to slide!

@m0juu tanks for the tip!


how many months have u been longboarding?

a definite must...

this is a super long story, but shows just how easy brain damage can occur. never skate anywhere without your helmet, it could be that one time you slip up and end up in hospital or worse. especially when you are learning a helmet is essential, because that is when you are most likely to fall off.

alright will take note of that.. sounds scary. will bring my helmet everywhere i go from now on!

once a week for a year. next pro tip SKATE MOAR than once a week you will actually improve that way!


cheating death = best


60bucks for helmet is cheaper than any kind of surgery on your head



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