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Any steps to improve longboarding for beginners?

Hey guys,


I just picked up longboarding less than a week ago. Bought a Comet FSM on ebay. Going kinda well gotten used to standing and balancing on the board, and also moving around on the board. Just recently i went down a gentle slope and i guess i went too fast and fell down kinda scrapped myself abit.


I would like to ask all the longboarders out there, what are the steps u guys take to learn longboarding. Like e.g. first is learning how to balance, 2nd learn how to move around with the board. I mean when do we know we are prepared to go for the next step and what are the steps involved so we can learn stuff like sliding carving and stuff??

Would appreciate help and advice from you guys! btw i stay around Caulfield North so hopefully anyone around my area does longboarding here!



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Best thing to learn first (after balancing) is how to stop.  Look up how to foot brake.  After that, move onto carving, then sliding.  There are videos everywhere on that latter two and I'm pretty sure some forums on footbraking

yea when i was going fast i kinda forgot about footbreaking haha. yea been looking at loads of youtube videos! thanks man!

Yeah, the trick is to never go so fast you can't stop!  As you skate more it will get easier, the best way to learn is just ride, it will all come to you with time.

so for now the best thing to do is just go on a flat surface and keep riding and braking right? 

Well, gentle slope will help, so you don't have to keep pushing.  Carving slows you down as well, if you can get a nice gentle slope on a quite street, that would be perfect

cool.. btw they also say the flooring matters right. like smooth concrete is easier than asphalt? anyways how do we maintain the board? like do we have to oil the bearings and stuff? im gonna get some rubber to protect the ends of my board from being chipped!

My first thought when I saw this forum was......  GO SKATE AND LEARN!

First things first, make sure you've got protection.

A helmet and gloves are a must.

Pads are pretty helpful too, unless you like scabs.


Callum: haha i know! but does the learning process comes naturally?

Uan: Yea i got all the protection like helmet and knee pads and wrist pads except slide gloves. Might buy it next month so i can learn safety slide. But i never really use those protection because im doing it right outside my place. And not doing any hardcore tricks however the incident was a fluke i guess

Yeah dude I've taught myself and friend everything we know, came very naturally!

Dont worry about sliding for now man.. nail the basics down first. Footbraking is a must!! Learn to carve as well.... You'll only need to clean your bearings once a month, pop open the rubber shield with a pin, remove the bearings and soak in methylated spirits, re assemble, lube and your good to go. 

main thing: wear a helmet!! 

Callum: haha alright i guess thats human nature!

Boomhauer: alright thanks for the tip. so the main thing is to clean the bearings once a month! so whereever i go as long as im on a longboard a helmet is a must?



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