ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association


anyone know who it is? how are they doing?

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just because he is a skateboarder doesn't mean he has anything to do with ASRA. even most of the longboarders in Australia don't know about this place or the people on here.

also skateboarders getting hit by cars is incredibly common, just as it is for cyclists and pedestrians.

My brother knew him, it was 8pm or something last night and there was two guys racing on either side of the road. Unfortunately the kid who got hit by the car was the one on the opposite side and "didnt have enough time to turn" and only had one option: get hit head on with both the cars and his own speed.

Idiots i say, the guy was on a zflex, no helmet. I just dont understand why you would need to race on both sides of the road.

theres enough space on one lane for 2 skaters anyway
Thats what im thinking, bombing on zflexs without a helmet requires more ball space apparently.
its to avoid the overlap in negative space in their skulls.
Mojuu, he may not be the brightest spark bombing without a helmet but that's totally uncalled for.
yer foot in mouth moment

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