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just wondering if the guys that did this are on this forum and how much the fine was, if it was only 70 bucks as the road rules thread says then it will probably be worth it, like going to the snow and paying the fare to use the mountain, except your paying the cops to watch over you while you skate down and cop the fine at the bottom ?

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NO,dont agree with that,.firstly,it was a fair bit more than $70,and the footage ended up on news stations country wide,possibly one of the events that made the cops step up their efforts towards hunting longboarders,.to a point where several of radelaides best skaters were ready to give it away....from being sick of getting busted on every hill in adelaide..

dont bother,theres plenty of hills

Ya gotta be up to it as well. Busy road still at 2am and 90km

Yup we are here and please don't do it. The fine we copped was 170 bucks. The run is more of a novelty than a good road. A week after that happened 3 guys in WIllunga were arrested, held in a cell for 12 hours and strung up in a year long court case. The amount of media we got, although wasn't that bad at the time could be pretty awful now that things are tightening up in Radelaide and people are considering law changes regarding skateboards. We won't be doing it again anytime soon.

yeah fair point wouldnt want to ruin it for the rest of the community out there, ill just stick to old belair road and mt osmond,

Also try not to mention road names online. We know that media and fuzz troll this site. 

Welcome to ASRA.

hhaha so many rules, i guess ill just ride to myself like usual, cops dont normally care when ever ive ran into them as long as your nice and respect them they normally just say be carefull you phyco, and why wouldnt free media coverage of this sport be a good thing ? i no when ever ive seen a thing like in this sundays paper with the "east side sliders" on the big wheels, there promoting it as a new thrill seeking game and then its one of my old school mates who they interviewd random as, anyway my two cents,

if your going to do it, do it in the dead of night and limit yourselves to one run, even then still likely u may get caught, they have a traffic system with various cameras and sensors which detect stopped vehicles etc. But what benbro and dani said is true, its more of a novelty hill anyways, you'll do it once then think twice about doing it again. Much better hills out there. although not many where u can pass trucks full of live chickens....

hey dude if u drive and are up to the level where your considering the freeway hit us up for a session! always could do with more drivers in adelaide! means i get to skate more!

also dont skate the freeway

dont do the freeway. thousands of people use that road at any time of the day. when the people that did it at two in the morning skated it, they were training for an igsa event not just for shits n gigs

We weren't training, no more than any other skate session we have is training. We skate for fun.

Free exposure is a good thing and most of the time things blow over. Radelaide is the Nazi Germany of the skateboarding world though, it has things to prove to Sydney and Melbourne and dreams of being as big as them. This means they need to be seen cracking down on things and stepping shit up. The reason I say the publicity would be bad is because fines in Radelaide are constantly growing, so is the scene and so is the anger of residents in commonly skated spots. There has been much talk in Radelaide regarding law changes and tougher penalties on people caught. Things such as bigger fines, minimal prison sentences, court cases, loss of licenses and the likes. The more publicity we get show casing the illegality of what we do right now would not be a step in the right direction and I am a firm believer that Adelaide will be the first city in Australia to harden penalties towards skaters on illegal roads. 

Don't skate alone, we have one of the biggest scenes in the country. Get with it!


so if you fellas had not skated the Heisen tunnel (or had not been caught) would the 'war' on skateboarders have been lessened? Or was it inevitable? Personally I think its inevitable, especially in Adelaide!

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