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A SUNSHINE Coast man who posted a YouTube video of himself skateboarding at 80kmh down a steep hinterland road has hit back at police who labelled him "stupid" and "irresponsible".

Check out Ryan (21y) video and the article where he said that he was training for a speedboarding international competition.

A Policeman watching the clip made him feel like he was watching natural selection progress.

What are your thoughts about that ?

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Listen to Haggy. He has the haircut of authority (sincerely impressed emoticon)
Lets keep the videos off youtube. There are plenty of other options. Like blip.

ASRA has a lot cooking for 2009. There is always a minority of nahsayers, the majority in authority will see reason as long as they are not given an excuse to say no. We dont want to give them anymore than they need to be negative.

Mainstream skate magazines have a lot to answer to. And I'm not talking about concrete wave. When was the last time you saw safety gear in a street skate mag. Most photographers will tell you to get a photo published means no safety gear on the skater. We are conditioning kids to ignore safety gear. So a kid gets an idea to do something off youtube but it is the skate industry and skate magazines that have conditioned the kid that you dont need safety gear. The tragedy is no safety gear.

If you are travelling fast - Wear a helmet - wear safety gear.
When was the last time you saw a hardcore motocross or fmx rider not wearing a helmet?

or a hybrid norwegian part in your hair at the very least!
Guys the major issue that no one has mentioned is the follow car ! I know everyone wants that great third person view but i can tell you from personal experance that the rider will stop a lot quicker than a one ton car will at 80klm.

its a very fine line between running over your mate or hitting a tree to avoid him if he bails while you are right behind him

If you have seen the video of my stack at dapto you will understand what i mean, the car was filming from beside me but if it was behind me i would have been killed on the spot and i still shit my pants thinking about it

Good cameras are cheap as chips so strap them on to your body or deck or what ever keep the chace car for blocking following trafiic

There are so many riders popping out of the wood work that some one is bound to get serously hurt or killed ! most of the guys that are competive racers have been riding for years and have a skill set that match the runs they are doing. Downhill speedboard is not a weekend sport its not to be taken lightly , poeple die , become paralised , break all kinds of shit , everyone be mindfull of this and prepare your runs and wear spine protectors and good quility helmets on the road. Remember in a comp there are no cars and everyone is going in the same direction it may look like fun and easy , but on the road in traffic its a whole other kettle of fish !

look after your mates and dont let them do stupid shit just for a youtube vid
the whole "training" thing was a bit lame. you were making a vid dude just be honest ! lol
Dear fellow Gravity riders,

Now that all this business has been finalized in court I’d like to present the facts so we can put this incident behind us.

The video was taken over a year ago (before Bathurst), and it was my first attempt at the hill. Yes it was a very poor choice of time being mid afternoon. Since I have been running at the crack of dawn. Yes I took a very wide line, which resulted in me crossing the double white lines. This is the only problem that the police had with the video. I have since taken the footage off youtube, and agree that a safety video highlighting all the safety aspects of the gravity sports should be produced and posted on youtube. No riding...just safety...the media won't touch it.
I have declined an interview on State Focus (Channel 10) after the recent media coverage last week "ban street luge." Channel 10 totally distort the story and made out as though the Police aren't happy. These lies have been generated from public, as police have no issue with the Townsville riders. I’m not willing to let channel ten tare shreds out of speedboarders like they did lugers.

The magistrate directed me to get in contact with police, to determine where we can train legally. I will have more information on this interview in up coming posts. Andrew Smith will also be involved in the interview, if anyone has anything they think could contribute, please contact Myself or Andrew so we can pass on your ideas or concerns on to police.

In conclusion, we roll for the love of it…and from what the police and public have told me, they’re loving it to! Sorry to everyone about the bad publicity…and in future lets keep it with in the double white lines.

Matt aka Manchild
Thanks Matt.

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