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all the crew who live on the gold coast or vegas area heres the pace if your keen for a always looking for new hills and new people to ride with so lets get together and put urethane to bitumen..i kNow your out there

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hey leeso, craig here i ride street luge i live in slacks creek right near ikea. me and some of my buds bomb some pretty gnarly hills, most early sunday mornings welcome to roll with us 0406173701
hey craig sounds good mate we usually head out sundays aswell..its a little hard to get the crew out early though..ill give you a buzz
hey leeso we got some lugers comin down from townsville this w/e we all should hook up for an all dayer on sunday
sweet as craig ill send the message to the boys and we'll try and make it out for the day
if you guys are keen i can bring along a profesional photographer to take some happy snaps. Him and his wife were going to come out on sunday with myself and a couple of mates to take some random photos, and im sure they'd love to take some shots of a bigger crew.
nice one ash..we are skating saturday aswell,starting at jezzas around 10 (maybe a bit earlyer and breaky bbq) and heading off from there.
bring your bomb and slide gear if your keen and we'll hit a few different hills.
had a great session with ash pete and steve in vegas yesty..we hit a few corners on the new driveway ash found then hit pullenvale the old xgames hill..that thing is nuts..tight and steep 85+ and a big dipper at the bottom that compresses you hard into your board,,a little short though..
we are heading out to jezzas around lunch time today and meeting up with the crew for a few stand up slide runs and bomb some of the locals..
sorry for the late notice but anyone is welcome..
the early crew finnaly got out of bed and made the 5am trip to brissy to ride mt cootha this morning..we had an awesome day skating and some gnarly crashes to top it off..austin got whaled on his frist run and then had to dive into the scrub at the end to avoid getting nailed by a car..i also had a nice one with yatsey's poll cam on, taking out kev and putting him into the guard rail..sorry bro,its good footage though..
there will be a bomb and slide session on the caost tomorrow if anyone is keen..we will be meeting at jezzas around lunch and head off from there..bbq and beers after
Hey Leeso,

Bummer that i only just found out you guys were doing Mt Cootha this morning, we headed up that way, but were coming back past cootha around 8ish. When we found out you were heading to vegas with steve, we had been riding all morning and were totally stuffed.
Would have been good to ride with you boys, we're heading back to Townsville early (2am) tomorrow morning. Maybe next time.... I'll have to grab ya mob number that way we can hook up rather than relying on the forums.
sorry for the late notice mate,or lack of..steve is down at the cone head cup but therest of the crew made the mission..hopefully we can get up there soon and sample some of your local hills..let me know next time you come down,,ill send you my number...cheers..
hey all sunshine states here we are hey we have to copy and paste all onto gravity too. i think a sat roll is on down the coast maybe a little corners session at 2b2 then some slide on the back hill if anyones keen details will be to meet at reedy creek at 7 aquarius st at whatever time or call any of the crew my numbers 0409576900 see u all on the hills congrates to Steve and Jacko for their results in Canberra peace all
hey man
me and my bro live in noosa on the sunny coast
so if your looking for a roll down the range hill or anywhere close give us a yell

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