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I have been looking at Glyde boards lately and the Libelle caught my attention. I want my board for mostly freeride, but I am looking at moving into DH. What are your thought on this board.



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I know, I was just asking if he sells completes, or just decks.

i think tim was joking... 

Deeemoo !

Matt Dempsey said:

skittles i have a libelle and its been slamed into the sidewalk a few times, its durable as anything ive ever ridden, i have had landyachtz board and done the same thing and have cracked and been badley chipped and they claim to be 9 ply of un breakable maple, yet the glyde for me is able to take alot more abuse

Skittles said:

There is one bad thing about it.  When you hit things with it, it breaks.  Not ideal for use as a hammer...

Tuure Pineapple said:

do you expect any negative responses. Glyde make awesome decks, all of them perfect for freeride and downhill. If its comfortable under ur feet, it will be perfect for u.

I want this on a t-shirt.

Dermott Pascoe said:

Free-ride is in your heart, not your board man

like i said, he makes and sell boards (decks).

Nathan said:

I know, I was just asking if he sells completes, or just decks.

we dont undercut our shops they support us by selling our product,,,and yeah we only do completes 

Nathan said:

I was looking on Hopkin and I set the Libelle up with blueys, Calibers, Bones and it Cost $400. Would you be able to offer me the same setup at a cheaper price?



you only do completes? really?...

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