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I have been looking at Glyde boards lately and the Libelle caught my attention. I want my board for mostly freeride, but I am looking at moving into DH. What are your thought on this board.



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Buy it.

There is one bad thing about it.  When you hit things with it, it breaks.  Not ideal for use as a hammer...

Tuure Pineapple said:

do you expect any negative responses. Glyde make awesome decks, all of them perfect for freeride and downhill. If its comfortable under ur feet, it will be perfect for u.

Yeah, they are pretty strong, probably really good for using to break up clay, but for those DIY jobs where nails are involved, deffinately get a hammer, or a very hard rock, wood is not good.


On the other hand, for skating, rocks and hammers are not so good, get this board instead



Is the Libelle Good for DH?


I think i will set it up with Caliber 44's and Early Blueys

I gosh darn jolly hope so, since Ben Hay was showing everyone how it is done at every race he was at on this board.

and now for a sample of what you would be able to do on this board

What about freeride?

dude its perfect for every thing and the new construction is super light and strong... i smacked my one into a gutter at around 70 and it didn't even crack 



Thanks :)

its built for all types of shredding,,pm us if your interested or head to the hop shop and pick one up

I was looking on Hopkin and I set the Libelle up with blueys, Calibers, Bones and it Cost $400. Would you be able to offer me the same setup at a cheaper price?



Pete (Glyde) makes and sells boards Nathan, they're not a skateshop.

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