ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Heres a place to put vids that everyone should know.

Old stuff that shaped skateboarding,... trailers, snippets.

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Set to some Buzzcocks. :D

Kona skatepark?
Love that bowl with the big roll in.,....
obviously low quality- from super 8 movie film I think.
Damn I love old school films!
And all the time there's been a heap of good old school films names been passed around here!
10 great old school movies here in my torrent if any of you want?
But I'm probably gonna have to make a part 2 of that in not too long.
Awesome stuff Isaac!
Thats a stack of great videos there! Nice collection.
7 gig and movin fast .......... must be a few seed monkeys out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , im getting just under a meg a second !!!!!!!!



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