ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Discussion group to form the sub-committee of ASRA, who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the sport of slalom skateboard racing is properly governed, and has a clear set of rules so that that it can grow strongly for the next generation.

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You can put my vote in for calender based system, like you wee saying Bugs "it creates a yearly "race to be No. 1" so everyone knows where they are at and don't have to go back and check which races are about to drop off to figure what to do to try get to No. 1 by December 31st.

Also am all for being a paid up member to be part of the associations rankings, makes sense to simplify it and have dedicated rider numbers for data entry.

Adding to point three that Bugs wrote. I think if an event put on by a group includes more than two disciplines then both should fetch higher points then if they were held as a single event on their own, as more competitors will travel for a double event in turn making the event more competition. 

you have my vote for point 4 also bugs 

Almost 2 years past.

Time for a reboot



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