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not sure whether to get metro motions 70mm 80a  or these wheels 69.5mm 80a i'll be using them for free riding but not sure which is better

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ive owned and ridden both. theyre both great wheels. Metro's are what im riding now and i prefer them personally. Theydont slow you down as fast while sliding but theyre both pretty close. both will last a long time but These will last longer probably. These are grippier if you want to grip some corners on them. These are pretty hard to flatspot. Metros thane, my These didnt for me. Most of all, buy a set and try em then buy the other ones if you didnt like your first set

thanks taj i reckon ill get metro's

metros are sick, and hella cheap

Get 727 formula These wheels man, honestly they are some of the highest quality wheels available, core and urethane wise, and they are worth the price. They leave a lot of thane lines if thats what your into and wear nicely. Buttery and predictable slide from fresh. Get dems.

THESE bra, metros where fun but destroyed to easy, you can really notice the support of the core on any these wheels and when flipped you get a different traction point, worth the dollar and an unbeatable ride.

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