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Looking at buying a glyde deck, pictures and information needed.
Any help would be kindly appreciated, thanks.

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ahaha dude this is a two year old thread you just posted in



yep i didnt even bother to check the date


hahahahaha, just incase he still hasn't managed too decide after 2 years of research

Thomas Wilson said:

a glyde top mount is also a good choice


lol got my hopes up, I've been looking for a drop down
He still makes them man. hit up the glyde thread!

buy one! i have that exact board been using it for years! you wont regret it.

they still exist


They look a bit different, did he give it less drop with a new model?
nope, same mold, just maple/glass construction now instead of bamboo, and leeso makes these fellas now.
so. much. secks.

I've been'searching for the Glyde thread, but can't find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

How much would one of these badboys cost Leeso?

Or, anyone with an older model, how much would you sell for?

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